Reminder: When to Request Pre-Award Spending

Please be reminded that any pre-award spending (allowable on most federal awards) should be requested immediately once the need is identified, prior to the beginning date of the initial budget period of a new or renewal award. Please do not wait until  receipt of the Notice of Award (NGA). For details and process-related information, please visit OSP’s pre-award information page. For information about applying for pre-award spending, please visit our previous blog post. As always, please contact your OSP specialist with any questions or concerns.  

The More You Know: How to Apply for Pre-Award Spending

A grantee may request pre-award spending to cover costs within 90 days of the initial budget period start date on a new or renewal reward, provided that costs are necessary to conduct the project and would be allowable under the grant (if awarded) without NIH prior approval. Please note that any expenditures that precede the award are at the financial risk of the department requesting the expenditures. Pre-award costs generally are not applicable to training grants or fellowships. Grantees may, however, incur pre-award costs before the beginning of a non-competing­ continuation or a transfer award without the special considerations outlined above. The process for requesting pre-award spending is captured in PEER: Click on “Grants” Click on “Pre-Award Spending Request” Complete the form For additional information about this and other processes, please visit the OSP Grant Cycle website.