The More You Know: Interim Progress Reports

OSP recently has received a number of questions regarding interim progress reports. As a friendly reminder, interim progress reports are required if and when a recipient organization has submitted a renewal application on or before the date by which a Final Research Performance Progress Report (Final-RPPR) would be required for the current competitive segment. Interim-RPPRs are submitted through eRA Commons. The submission link will appear under the “Status” tab after the performance period end date has passed. Should the renewal application not receive funding, NIH will treat the Interim-RPPR as the Final-RPPR. As such, please note that the progress report submitted within the renewal application no longer serves as the final progress report in the event the renewal is not funded. Conversely, if the renewal is funded, the Interim-RPPR will serve as the annual performance report for the final year of the previous competitive segment. As with a traditional closeout, all Interim-RPPRs must be submitted via eRA Commons within 120

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Requests for Interim RPPR Additional Materials (IRAM) via Commons

On September 20, 2017, NIH added a new feature to eRA Commons that allows awarding agencies to request additional materials for an interim RPPR from the principal investigator (PI) and signing official (SO). The process will be similar to that of the Final Progress Report Additional Materials (FRAM). First, the SO and PI will receive an email request from the awarding agency’s program official, and eRA Commons will display an Interim Progress Report Additional Materials (IRAM) link on the “Status Results” screen under “Available Actions.” As with the RPPR process, while the PD/PI (or Contact PI) can enter IRAM into Commons, only the SO can submit IRAM to the agency. For information regarding the use of interim RPPRs, please visit OSP’s blog post about final RPPRs. For further questions, please reach out to your OSP specialist.