The More You Know: Using the PDF for Review in Coeus

Did you know that Coeus provides the opportunity for applicants to view the full PDF version of their application? In fact, OSP recommends that all applicants review both the data entry and PDF forms package to identify any potential gaps and errors prior to routing the proposal to OSP for review. Please note that this feature is only available for system-to-system proposals. To view the PDF package, please use the following instructions: Navigate to the proposal development Select ‘Action’ from the top of the screen Click ‘’ Select the ‘Forms’ tab Highlight the relevant form names and click ‘Print’ For questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your OSP specialist.

Attention: Expired Federal Funding Opportunities

Due to recent changes in program instructions, federal sponsors have reissued several funding opportunities. Before routing a Coeus proposal, please verify that the chosen opportunity is still currently active and does not expire in the near future. To do this, check the “Closing Date” on the screen of the proposal: If the opportunity expires before the chosen submission date, please look up the currently listed opportunity on to determine the new opportunity identifier. The page for the expired opportunity should list the new opportunity identifier under the “Version History” tab: When changing opportunity numbers in Coeus, remember to first use the “Delete Opportunity” button on the Coeus screen before then saving the proposal and inputting the new opportunity number: Note: do not merely erase the opportunity number from the “Funding Opportunity” field: Please review the relevant guidelines and incorporate any changes from the previous opportunity number into the updated proposal before routing.  For questions or concerns, please

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Important: Submissions After October 21, 2018

On October 21, 2018, changed the way it posts funding opportunities. If you (a) connected your proposal to before this date or copied a proposal created prior to this date, and (b) intend to submit after this date, you will need to refresh your connection in Coeus. The process is outlined below: Here is an example of a proposal with an invalid connection. Notice the irregular Package ID: The next screenshot is an example of a proposal with a valid connection–note that the Package ID starts with ‘PKG’: To correct this, use the ‘Delete Opportunity’ button on the screen within the Coeus record, re-enter your funding opportunity number on the first tab of the proposal, and connect to again. If you have questions, or encounter difficulty, please contact the Coeus Help team at

S2S Functionality for HRSA Proposals

OSP has received several requests to clarify HRSA proposal submission processes in light of the recent discontinuation of Adobe Application Packages. Applicants may have noticed the following language in HRSA program announcements: “Effective December 31, 2017: You must use the Workspace to complete the workspace forms and submit your workspace application package. After this date, you will no longer be able to use the PDF Application Packages.” Please note, however, that with few exceptions, HRSA program announcements work and will continue to work with Coeus, VUMC’s system-to-system (S2S) solution. OSP recommends that all applicants attempt to utilize Coeus first before initiating an application within Workspace. The use of Workspace will only be approved as an application submission mechanism if and only if Coeus is unable to submit the application.  For questions or concerns, please contact your OSP specialist.