The More You Know: The DOD-CDMRP Application

First, please be advised that all applicants must register and affiliate with VUMC in the eBRAP application portal. All DOD-CDMRP applications require the submission of a pre-application in eBRAP. There are two types of pre-applications: letters-of-intent (LOI) or pre-proposals. Please consult the relevant funding opportunity to ensure selection of the correct pre-application option. All pre-applications must be submitted on-time. CDMRP reviews the pre-application and decides whether to issue an “invitation” to the applicant to submit a full proposal. If selected, the applicant prepares and routes a full proposal via Coeus to, in line with VUMC’s internal proposal process. Please closely read the RFA to ensure the application is in compliance with CDMRP requirements. The PI has an opportunity to “verify” his or her submission once eBRAP has “picked up” the application from In the event of an issue, the PI may modify certain portions of the application within eBRAP. Please note, however, that changes to the Project Narrative

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Adding an Alternate Submitter in eBRAP

Department administrators who wish to have viewing and submission rights for DoD, DHA, US Army, USAMRMC, USAMRAA, and CDMRP applications need to first have “Account Administrator” permissions in eBRAP. Please note that all users must apply for and be granted affiliation with VUMC within eBRAP. Furthermore, to serve as an alternate submitter, Account Administrators must first be registered as a Principal Investigator and named in the proposal’s pre-application contacts as the Alternate Submitter. For more information please visit the eBRAP User Guide.

DOD Proposal Attachments

Please note that each requirement for the attachment section of a DOD proposal must be uploaded as an individual file and formatted in accordance with the guidelines (Appendix 4 of DOD’s General Application Instructions). All attachments must be in order and titled correctly: Attachment 1: Project Narrative – “ProjectNarrative.pdf” Attachment 2: Supporting Documentation – “Support.pdf” Attachment 3:  Technical Abstract – “TechAbs.pdf” Attachment 4: Lay Abstract – “LayAbs.pdf” Attachment 5: Statement of Work – “SOW.pdf” Attachments 6-15: as specified and named in the program announcement Should an applicant need to skip a particular attachment, he or she must upload a page reading “not applicable.” Failure to upload anything in a specified attachment will trigger to recognize the next attachment as the previous, thus disrupting the specified and required order. The exception to this rule is when no further files will follow a skipped attachment. In this case no attachment is required. For questions please contact your OSP specialist.

Other Support: Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs (CDMRP)

Are you planning on submitting a CDMRP application? Please note that all applications require Previous (award period of performance ending within the past five years), Current, or Pending Other Support at the time of submission. Please include the following items as part of Other Support: Descriptive title of the project Time commitments – accounted for as effort in person months Supporting agency Name and address of the funding agency’s procuring Contracting/Grants Officer Performance period Level of funding Brief description of the project’s goals List of specific aims Identification of possible proposed project overlaps with existing and pending research projects, as applicable Clearly state if there is no overlap If there is no Previous, Current, or Pending Support, enter “none.” An updated Other Support will be required if an award is recommended for funding. OSP provides an Other Support template here. Business Objects also offers a report detailing an investigator’s five-year history, titled “Investigator Activity Report.” Please note that it is

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Biosketches for Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs (CDMRP)

Are you planning on submitting a CDMRP application? Within any CDMRP application, biographical sketches are required for each person who will contribute to the proposed research project, and/or for each person listed as key personnel in the “Research &Related Senior/Key Person Profile” form. CDMRP accepts the use of two general formats for biosketches, either the CDMRP format (available as a template in eBRAP or attached here) or the NIH template. Either format must not exceed five pages. Please note that while the layouts of the two accepted formats differ, the content requirements remain the same. PIs should list only publications from the last three years Although the NIH template provides a section for research support, PIs should instead submit previous/current/pending support as a separate document (Other Support). For questions or assistance, please contact your OSP specialist.

Affiliating Users in eBRAP

Do you have a proposal that requires submission through eBRAP (Electronic Biomedical Research Application Portal)? eBRAP serves as the submission portal for DOD, DHA, US Army, USAMRMC, USAMRAA, and CDMRP and requires that users be affiliated with an institution before submitting a LOI. OSP has observed two common issues in the affiliation of new or existing users with VUMC. New users must first set up an account within eBRAP and then apply for affiliation with VUMC. Upon submission of this request, an OSP specialist will evaluate and determine whether affiliation (and designated role)  is appropriate. Users are still affiliated with VU. In this case PIs or Account Administrators (AAs) should verify that their institutional profile displays both the VUMC DUNS number (079917897) and the correct organizational email address ( In the event a user requires VUMC affiliation, please follow the procedure outlined for new users above. For any questions please contact your OSP specialist.