Spring Cleaning: Coeus Budget Cost Elements

In an effort to make the Coeus budgeting process more accurate, we have made several changes to the available list of Coeus budget cost elements. Starting immediately, these changes include the removal of old cost elements and the addition of some new cost elements to make Coeus budget creation easier and more accurate. Removing University Cost Elements VUMC Coeus no longer maintains fringe rates, indirect rates, or other financial information related to Vanderbilt University budget expenses. Therefore, the Coeus cost elements associated with the University have been disabled and will no longer appear in the budget selection list. This includes item such as 50200UF and 50600F for faculty academic and summer salaries. Please note that budget items associated with Vanderbilt University expenses are typically captured in the subaward budget and do not need to appear in the VUMC budget detail. In situations where VU expenses must be captured directly in a VUMC budget, Coeus users are encouraged to use ‘TBD’

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