Changing the Displayed Affiliated Institution in eRA Commons

From time to time, those PIs affiliated with more than one institution in eRA Commons may need to retrieve, submit, and/or review information pertaining to non-VUMC grants (for example, grants that were closed before VU and VUMC split and are still affiliated with VU). eRA Commons has published a guide instructing PIs on how to toggle between the default institution and any affiliated institutions. For more information please visit the eRA Commons website.

No-Cost Extension Requests

Do you have an active award that’s nearing its project end date? Do you need a no-cost extension? OSP has information and guidance regarding no-cost extension requests on its website. Please note the importance of requesting a NCE prior to the project end date. If a NCE is not needed and/or one is not requested, the award will automatically progress into NIH’s formal closeout phase. For questions regarding no-cost extensions and closeouts, please contact your OSP representative.

Final RPPR Submission

OSP continues to receive questions regarding changes to NIH closeouts and the submission of F-RPPRs. As a reminder, NIH changed their policy January 1, 2017 (NOT-OD-17-022): Final Progress Reports are now submitted in an eRA Commons module that mirrors the submission process of annual RPPRs. This formatting change significantly streamlines and simplifies the submission process in line with already established, regular procedures, with one notable exception: the progress report included in a Type-2 renewal application no longer takes the place of a final progress report, whether or not the application is funded. NIH now requires submission of an “Interim RPPR” while the Type-2 renewal application is under consideration. If the Type-2 is funded, the submitted Interim RPPR will serve as the annual progress report for the previous competitive segment. If the application is not funded, the Interim RPPR will be considered the institution’s final progress report. Highlights from the Notice are copied below: For NIH, the Final Research Performance Progress

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xTrain Access for Department Admins

Friendly reminder: the “xTrain” tab in Commons will not be available to those administrators with an “ASST” role unless and until a PI delegates access. For those administrators with access to multiple projects, a drop-down menu will appear on the xTrain menu. For more information, please visit the NIH website.