New Coeus Link — 2nd Notice!

A few weeks ago we posted about Coeus moving to a new home.  That change is right around the corner. VUMC IT and the Coeus team are planning to move Coeus in the middle of this month. The day before the move, we will post and email detailed instructions for changing your browser bookmarks for CoeusWeb and/or eCat. Users of Coeus Premium will need to download the updated software from the new link. We will provide detailed instructions for that process as well. Those individuals who had issues installing Coeus Premium the first time will be relieved to know that we do not anticipate those same problems occurring again. The new software will run on the same version of Java, so the move to the new version will be a simple update. To help users ensure they have the correct version of Premium going forward, we are also updating the desktop icon to a new color. For those individuals who

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Coeus: Sync Your Rates

Last month, a new series of budget rates were approved for federally sponsored projects. A post about those rates is available here. Whenever new rates are approved, CoeusHelp is asked why the new rates aren’t in a specific Coeus proposal and/or why new rates aren’t automatically applied to proposals under development. Only new proposals–created after the rate approval–will automatically have the new rates. All other proposals require users to ‘sync’ their rates in the Coeus budget to apply the new rates to their proposal. To sync rates from within the Coeus budget, select ‘Edit‘ from the top of the screen and then click ‘Rates.’  Click the ‘Sync‘ button and review the resulting changes. Budget amounts will automatically update when you click ‘OK.’ This process is required for a number of reasons: Any copied proposal will inherit the rates of the original proposal. Coeus doesn’t make any changes to a proposal during a copy, other than to assign a new proposal development number.

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New VUMC F&A Rate Agreement (FY 2020 AND FY 2021) – 04/03/20

Please note that VUMC has a new facilities and administrative (F&A) rate agreement with the federal government for BOTH FY 2020 and FY 2021, dated April 3, 2020. The new agreement contains updated indirect cost rates for each of VUMC’s five predetermined rates: on-campus, off-campus (A), off-campus (B), other sponsored activities, and clinical training. Coeus has been updated to reflect the new rates. For questions regarding ‘syncing’ those new proposals already in process, please contact Coeus Help at We ask that all administrators involved in proposal and award administration retrieve and review the agreement as soon as possible. OSP will work with federal sponsors at JIT to apply new rates when possible.  Copies of the new agreement can be found on OSP’s website under “Forms” or “Policies and Guidance.” For questions or concerns, please contact your OSP specialist.

FORMS-F Questionnaire Errors

For our previous blog posts about FORMS-F see HERE. Some users have encountered an error message that says the questionnaire is incomplete, even when all questions have been answered. The error occurs if the questionnaire was completed prior to connecting to the FORMS-F opportunity; however, there is an easy fix: open the questionnaire in edit mode and answer any unanswered questions. We realize this is confusing and irritating. Because of changes to the forms, the questionnaire had to be updated and a new version created. Coeus is trying to ensure you are using the latest version of the questionnaire for your submission. Depending on how the questionnaire was completed, an older version may be missing questions relevant to the NIH requirements. As always, email with questions or concerns at any time.

FORMS-F Now Available in Coeus

For our previous blog posts about FORMS-F see HERE. Thank you for your patience. Our upgrade of Coeus was successful, and users can now connect to FORMS-F opportunities. The Coeus team is still offering Zoom-based training and discussion about the new forms and the Coeus upgrade. Please contact to register for one of these sessions. As always, email with questions or concerns at any time.

Human Subjects Changes for FORMS-F

For our previous blog posts about FORMS-F see HERE. The most noteworthy changes in the FORMS-F package involve proposals with human subjects or data/specimens. V1-0 of the human subjects form–released with FORMS-E in January 2018–required investigators to choose between human subjects or data specimens. Now, investigators can include data specimens on proposals whether they have human subjects or not. Additionally, the data specimens explanation narrative can be used with any FORMS-F proposal submission, regardless of whether the proposal includes human subjects. Another significant change removes the Women, Minorities, and Children narrative and replaces it with two separate attachments: the Women and Minorities attachment and an Inclusion Across the Lifespan narrative. eCat will automatically detect the form version of the opportunity and provide space for the appropriate narrative types. If users need to copy a version V1-0 (FORMS-E) human subjects proposal and use it for a V2-0 (FORMS-F) submission, they will see a question in eCat about copying old data. If they

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Coeus Upgrade This Weekend

For our previous blog posts about FORMS-F click HERE. This weekend (May 16-17) the Coeus team will be installing necessary changes for the upcoming FORMS-F funding opportunities. We have chosen this weekend because will be making their own changes and will be unavailable the entire weekend. If possible, we encourage users to wait until Monday morning to work on those proposal records being submitted system-to-system. Users can work in Coeus over the weekend if necessary; however, Coeus will not be able to connect to Saturday or Sunday for funding opportunities or run validations against a Coeus record. Users may also experience intermittent downtime or errors in Coeus associated with the upgrade. If you experience strange errors, we suggest closing Coeus, waiting 15 minutes, and then trying to reconnect. Users can email with questions or concerns at any time.

FORMS-F Release

See previous blog posts related to Forms F here and here. NIH application packages due on or after May 25, 2020, will use FORMS-F application packages. Over the next two weeks, we will be posting several blog posts related to the roll-out of those new forms. In this post we will outline what you can expect. is not making the forms available for use until May 15; unfortunately we cannot make them available in Coeus until that date. Form changes include (but are not limited to): Alterations to human subjects data collection, including changes to narrative attachments A new section on the PHS Cover Page Supplement for projects using human fetal tissue New narrative documents for career and fellowship applications A new narrative attachment for training grant proposals As you know, the eCat system was developed and released by the VUMC Coeus team in early 2018 to accommodate previous NIH forms changes. To date, eCat has been used to

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Coeus In-Person: eCat and Human Subjects Proposals

Since NIH’s release of the new human subjects and clinical trial data form in January 2018, VUMC has submitted more than 750 human subjects proposals using the new form. We have all learned a lot from this experience. This month the Coeus team invites interested administrators to discuss best practices for submitting human subjects and clinical trial proposals to NIH. Potential topics include: Granting investigators permission/access to eCat Determining data/specimens vs. human subjects Dividing a clinical trial proposal into multiple studies Exemption 4 vs. data/specimens The ‘Date of First Enrollment’ field There is limited room available, so if you are interested, please complete the form below. Interested parties will receive further communication regarding time, place, and content.   Please feel free to contact us with any questions. The Coeus team is also open to additional relevant topics and hopes this session is more of a discussion than purely an informational session.

CoeusWeb: Budget

Earlier this week, we told you about the future of Coeus and some of the existing upgrades to the version of Coeus previously called CoeusLite. If you haven’t already read these posts, we encourage you to do so, because they provide a lot of context for today’s announcement. OSP and the Coeus team are excited to announce that the new CoeusWeb budget is available to proposal creators! To use the new budget, open your proposal and click the ‘Budget’ menu item: The budget will open in ‘View Mode’ and display a list of budget versions: You can switch to ‘Edit’ mode by clicking the blue button at the top left or continue in ‘View’ mode without editing. Creating or editing a budget is as simple as following the menu items on the left side of the screen. Begin by adding salary information and checking rates. Then create line items using the ‘Budget Details’ subsections. At the bottom of the menu

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