User-Submitted Question: Do All Awards Require Prior Approval for Carryforward?

Depending on the type, certain awards may be eligible for carryforward without prior approval. For example, Streamlined Noncompeting Award Procedures (SNAP) awards allow for unobligated balances to be carried over into the next budget period without Grants Management Officer prior approval; however, should the estimated unobligated balance exceed 25 percent of the current year’s total approved budget, grantees are required to provide an explanation (and plans for expenditure) within the RPPR. Please consult Section III of the NGA to determine whether prior approval is required. For questions please contact your OSP specialist.

Calculating Carryforward for RPPRs

In order to determine whether leftover funds fall within the 25% carryforward threshold requiring an explanation in the RPPR , please utilize the following formula: [Period Total Approved Budget/Current NGA] x [.25] = Threshold** **Do not add prior year’s carryforward to this calculation. For questions please reach out to your OSP representative.