What Happens When OSP Requires More Documentation Than the Sponsor?

In the event that a sponsor does not request a particular item that is required for OSP review and approval, that item must still be included within the Coeus proposal. As a reminder, the following items are required for Coeus routing and approval: Sponsor guidelines – PDF or permanent link Scope of work (SOW) Final budget Final budget justification As applicable: Facilities and other resources Human subjects and/or vertebrate animals Outgoing subcontract narratives (i.e. LOI, budget, budget justification) Please contact your OSP specialist with any questions or concerns.

When and How to Include a Foreign Justification

If a proposed NIH project involves activities outside of the United States or involves partnerships with international collaborators, applicants are required to submit a foreign justification. Please note that the foreign justification requirement is in addition to the standard requirements of a budget justification, LOI, and SOW for foreign subcontracts. Applicants should select “yes” on the questionnaire in response to whether an applicant’s project has international collaborators or whether the project involves a foreign component. NIH provides a standard definition of a foreign component here. Upon answering “yes” on the questionnaire, NIH and other PHS applicants must include a “Foreign Justification” attachment within the “Other Attachments” section of the questionnaire. This attachment should detail the unique characteristics or required resources of the proposed project that dictate the need for a foreign site or collaboration over a domestic one. NIH requires that this file be named “Foreign Justification” and contain a header within the body text also titled “Foreign Justification.” Instructions for

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