Changes to the NIH Salary Cap for FY 2019

Earlier today NIH announced changes to its Executive Level II salary limitations for FY 2019. Effective January 6, 2019, the NIH salary cap increased to $192,300 from the previous limit of $189,600 (“Guidance on Salary Limitation for Grants and Cooperative Agreements FY 2019,” NOT-OD-19-099). This cap is also used by other select federal agencies, including ACF, AHRQ, AoA, ATDSDR, CDC, CMS, HRSA, HIS, NIS, and SAMHSA. Please apply the new salary cap within all proposals for agencies utilizing the Executive Level II salary cap.

Additionally, NIH has authorized the rebudgeting of active awards to accommodate the new cap, subject to the availability of adequate funds. No additional funds will be provided for these awards. For those impacted by the new change, ePAC has been updated to reflect the new salary cap of $192,300. Finance recommends submitting EDCs with an effective date of May 1, 2019, rather than using a mid-month conversion. Please note that any modifications cannot predate January 6, 2019.

For questions pertaining to rebudgeting and/or EDCs, please feel free to contact Shelly Bohan at 6-5503, Eric Ingram at 3-4626, or Lynn Capps at 3-2870. For those that would like a schedule to support making these corrections, please contact Shelly Bohan.

For proposal-related questions or concerns, please contact your Sponsored Programs Specialist.