Using Temporary or Ad-Hoc Reviewer Status to Submit During NIH’s Two-Week “Late Window of Consideration” Grace Period

First, please verify eligibility to submit under temporary or ad-hoc status. To be eligible, a PD/PI must serve on an NIH advisory group during the two months preceding or the two months following the application due date. Qualifying service includes participation in an NIH study section/special emphasis panel, NIH Board of Scientific Counselors, Program Advisory Committee, or an NIH Advisory Board/Council. Participation in other NIH activities does not apply.

Please know that there is no “master” list that contains the names of individuals who qualify for temporary or ad-hoc reviewer status. The PD/PI must be aware of his or her status based on recent or near-future NIH service activity. If in doubt, please reach out to the assigned OSP specialist prior to the originally stated deadline for help in determining eligibility. If the application is submitted after the original due date and NIH’s Division of Receipt and Referral (DRR) determines that the PD/PI is ineligible, the application will be deemed non-compliant and returned. Should a PI wish to resubmit a returned application, he or she must wait until the next published NIH grant cycle.

To be accepted for consideration, the application must be submitted within two weeks of the published due date. This “Late Window of Consideration” applies to all funding opportunity announcements (FOAs), unless the FOA specifically states that late applications will not be accepted. Please note that, if an application has multiple PD/PIs, only one of the PD/PIs needs to qualify for the “Late Window of Consideration” for the application to be eligible for this alternate submission process.

If eligible for the two-week late consideration window following an application due date (NOT-OD-15-039), please include a cover letter that acknowledges that the application is late and specifies that it qualifies for late submission due to the PD/PI’s temporary or ad-hoc status.