Resource Toolkit: Other Support

Other Support is one of the most frequently prepared documents and is required during the submission of some proposals, during almost all JIT submissions, and on active awards when submitting yearly progress reports.  Below is a template provided by the NIH.


Below is a section-by-section breakdown of what NIH expects:

Project Number (Principal Investigator):  Award/Proposal number followed by the PI’s surname.

5R01CA123456-02 (Smith)

Dates of Approved/Proposed Project:  Include the start and end dates for the entire project, or if a renewal, the latest competitive segment.


Person Months:  List the person’s effort on the active or proposed project.  Use either calendar months or a combination of academic/summer months.

3.0 calendar months

Source:  Identify the funding source of the project, whether it be federal or non-federal.


Annual Direct Costs:  Indicate the current year’s direct cost budget for the active/pending project.  Do not include indirect costs or funding for all years.


Title of Project:  List the title of the active/proposed project as submitted to the sponsor.

The study of Other Support formatting.

The major goals of this project are…:  Provide a summary of the overall aims of the project, subproject or consortium.

We aim to study the importance of proper formatting when working on Other                       Support narratives.

Overlap Statement:  Summarize any scientific, budgetary or effort overlaps that the investigator might have with any active/pending projects and specify corresponding effort reductions, if applicable.

A completed Other Support would appear as copied below:


Composing your Other Support narratives in a clear and concise manner will hasten both OSP and NIH’s review.  If the information is unclear or incomplete, it is likely that the NIH will request additional information, lengthening the time investigators must wait to receive their award letters.

For additional guidelines concerning NIH Other Support preparation please visit the following resources:

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