Resource Toolkit: Personnel Reporting in RPPRs

OSP often receives questions regarding personnel reporting in RPPRs—what is required, what may have changed, and what may not have changed. The following provides a number of friendly reminders:

Calculating Effort

Please note that, although VUMC tracks effort via percentages, eRA Commons requires conversion to person months for reporting. OSP recommends the use of an effort calculator, especially now that Commons allows for the inclusion of decimals in reporting.

Although NIH now allows for reports of less than one calendar month on the RPPR, the effort must always be recordable and trackable. Please note that VUMC discourages assigning effort of less than one percent (i.e., no less than .12 or 1% for CY effort).

Commons IDs

The All Personnel Report assists NIH in understanding the workforce supported by NIH funding; as such, it requires the inclusion of all personnel, regardless of effort level, compensation, salary, affiliation, or Senior/Key status. Please include Commons IDs, especially for key personnel, post-docs, or graduate students. Please also include any applicable Commons IDs for undergraduate students.


For those grants with subcontracts, please also include a report from the subcontractor regarding effort and compensation from the award.

For any questions or concerns, please reach out to your OSP specialist.