Annual, Interim, and Final RPPR Update: Use of Delegations for RPPR Initiation and Changes in Decimal Allowances for Effort Reporting

Last week NIH issued updated guidance regarding the initiation and assembly of RPPRs in eRA Commons (NOT-OD-18-202).

Delegation Rights

In response to user feedback and in line with annual RPPRs, NIH now allows PIs to delegate initation of any type of RPPR (annual, interim, or final) to a program assistant (ASST role in Commons). Please note that OSP still requires all annual, interim, and final RPPRs to be routed to OSP for review and submission. For more information, please review the following blog posts:

Changes in Decimal Allowances

NIH has also announced modifications to the effort reporting section of RPPRs. In an effort to decrease administrative burdens on NIH recipients, the effort reporting section on all RPPRs now allows for the inclusion of decimals. For example, previously if a PD/PI had 20% effort/2.4 calendar months on a project, Commons would require the recipient to round down, i.e. to 2 calendar months, resulting in often inaccurate or misleading reporting.

Please direct any questions or concerns to your OSP representative.