FORMS-E: Coeus and eCat

The new FORMS-E application package debuting January 25, 2018, will include a mandatory Human Subjects and Clinical Trial Information form.

While the form is required for all studies, proposal creators can simply answer “no” to the human subjects question in Coeus for those proposals that do not include human subjects. For projects that do include human subjects, the Coeus team has developed a new web tool called eCat.

eCat replaces the old “Inclusion Enrollment Questionnaire” in Coeus and allows users to answer the new detailed, mandatory form. The tool links to Coeus and gives proposal creators a user-friendly way to answer questions, upload human subjects narratives, and check answers against known NIH validations.

eCat will be made available no later than December 15. In the meantime please consult the attached PDF showing which human subjects narratives are required based on how certain questions within the form are answered.

Additional documentation and educational opportunities regarding FORMS-E and Coeus will be released throughout December and January. Please contact or the Coeus Help website with any questions or concerns.