The More You Know: Taking a Look at Section E in Coeus

Today’s blog post focuses on the use of ‘Section E’ in NIH SF424 budgets (detailed budgets). Long story short, this section is rarely used and should be left blank unless explicitly stated in the instructions (i.e. training grants). 

Those expenses incorrectly included in this section will be excluded and ineligible for reimbursement. Please be sure to verify that you are selecting the correct designation for your expenses in Coeus:

  • Double-click the budget line item in the Coeus budget
  • Select “Other Operating Expenses” from the drop-down list
  • Save



Example B – CORRECT


For those grants with a specified training component and clear instructions regarding the use for Section E, cost elements for tuition, graduate student health insurance, travel, and stipends will automatically pull into this section.

NOTE: this post addresses the use of Section E in NIH SF424 budgets. Please consult opportunity-specific instructions for DOD SF424 budgets.

As always, please contact your OSP specialist with any questions or concerns.