Resource Toolkit: Equipment Requests

Do you need to submit an equipment request? OSP offers a comprehensive checklist on our website. Please note that all equipment requests need to be submitted in PEER with a copy of the quote and a letter of justification. OSP will then review, approve, and upload this information into Coeus.

If any single equipment request surpasses $25,000 or any rebudget request cumulatively exceeds 25% of the current budget period, OSP requires concurrence of the NIH Program Official. If NIH concurs that there is no change in scope, no prior approval is required; however, if this rebudgeting changes or compromises specific aims, NIH prior approval is required.

In addition to our online checklist, OSP recommends departments utilize and submit the following spreadsheet to streamline and simplify the approval process.

As always, please contact your OSP representative with any questions.