Continuous Submission


Continuous submission is a NIH policy that allows certain individuals to submit R01, R21, and R34 applications with FOAs that use standard due dates on a continuous basis and to receive priority initial peer review.


Individuals who are appointed members of standing NIH study sections, NIH Boards of Scientific Counselors, NIH Advisory Boards or Councils, or NIH Program Advisory Committees are all eligible for continuous submission. Furthermore, reviewers who have served on at least six (6) qualifying NIH study sections during an 18-month period starting January 1 of one year and ending June 30 of the following year (for an eligibility period of August 1-September 30 of the following year) are also eligible.

To check personal eligibility for continous submission, NIH provides instructions on how to check eligibility status via Commons on its website. Those department administrators with AO or AA permissions can also check an individual’s eligibility via the “Advanced Search” option in the Admin module within Commons. Departments can also access a regularly updated list of eligible reviewers for continuous submission on NIH’s website.